We're Back!

1ceandFlame posted 17 hours ago

Uniquecraft is back - and with a MASSIVE overhaul! Things are improving greatly on the server, and any difficulties should be resolved quite quickly!

We've made the following drastic changes:

- Completely shuffled the staff team - We have a founder, two BRAND NEW owners and a few moderators - we're recruiting!

- Started all over again with Plots to avoid the rage that two certain servers brought, but we're planning on adding all-new servers very soon!

- Refreshed the ban list completely - with a few permanent bans that were needed in place..

- Our server is as EULA-compliant as we can get it - the shop will be revamped soon!

- New ranks have come onto the server, and more are coming!

- From now on, custom prefix donations will contribute to a 'donation pool' with goals. Once we hit a goal, something new will happen for ALL players to enjoy!

- Players can apply for certain ranks via forum, and some via email.

The new UC Management:

1ceandFlame (1cey) -

Raju123x (Raju) -

Remember to stick around, watch us regrow and send us suggestions! Have fun playing!

- 1ceandFlame

Uniquecraft down???

Tyben posted Jul 2, 16

Hey Uniquecraftians,

You might have noticed that the Uniquecraft servers have been down for a good amount of time now, I can explain. Uniquecraft has been having issues with dedicated servers. UC will be coming back up ASAP. More news will be posted as the situation develops.

Updating the Server!

Tyben posted Jun 20, 16

Hey Uniquecraftians!

We are going to be updating to 1.10 tomorrow (21.06.) because some plugins only supporting the latest release (1.10). Our servers will only be accessable through 1.10 so be prepared to update your clients. If you have any questions feel free to use our contact page here. More information will be released soon.

Server Suggestions!

Tyben posted Jun 18, 16

Hey Uniquecraftians!

With Motmahus being gone, I plan to make UC a more fun and enjoyable place, but to accomplish this, I need your suggestions on what could help make the server better. To submit a suggestion you may use our forum thread here or you may use our contact page here to submit a suggestion! Doing so helps us get ideas of what we need to do to get players to have fun. I'd also like to mention that giving an honest suggestion through any of these methods enters you into a giveaway for a FREE rank, more information will be released at a later time.