Thank you!

Here I am, Motmahus speaking (your Founder). Thanks to everyone that contributed and made The Uniquecraft Network possible. The Uniquecraft Network did open at 17th August 2013, closed 26 February 2017. Those were wonderful years spent with all of you. I will be soon releasing all resources (maps and so on) related to Uniquecraft on my personal website (link in bottom). You may get them off there. That's end of my speech. Have fun all of you!

Special thanks: SuperAlexGamer, James (nightcrawler, Ignitious), 1ceandFlame, Kroll, Akuma, Snappey, NovaCMD, SilencedShadows, Raju123X, Matteo_Games, Jack (the one who wants my kids), snakeonwheels, Linah, Kole, EnderPro1, winty09, Sam_GxW, CCoesBruins, and many more...

If anyone wants to list their farewell messages on this page - throw me a quick email! (

It's been a rocky rollercoaster since we started Uniquecraft, but I guess all good things have to come to an end. It was back in 2013, when Adroition was still a 'thing', that me, Mot and James began working on UC. While UC has had its ups and downs, there is no doubt that as a community we sticked together and helped each other now. I was actually inspired about this by a member speaking to me on a Twitch stream (what a shock!), but it shows how we all stuck together. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future, and whatever you do - be bound for glory. Over the years, some names have stood out, and I'd like to thank them here: EnderPro1, Amazonite, Snappey and Lina. But all of you have been great.
You were the best owner and founder of the best server. It was a truly amazing server that I will never forget. Sad to see it go. You have a good career I guess. Maybe another server owned by you? Anyways, you were trully the best owner. Farewell.
I Am Some Dud Whos Been Playing Since 2015 or somewhere around there eh ive had good times and bad times. welp farewell IF YOU WANT TO SEE ME WELL its the only way i might be able to see
- Some Dud that guy everyone knows
We've had many laughs and chuckles, many pouts and quarrels; many ups, many downs, but I believe we can all agree that none of us would be the same without Uniquecraft.
Many have been changed for the better by being part of UC and that includes myself. That means for those of you who have been around for a long time, you will have quite literally watched me grow up from a whiny 11 year old into a polite (but still hugely informal) young man.
It's easy to forget that people like Motmahus, Agent_Squash (formerly SuperAlexGamer and original founder of the server) and even that guy who went by the name Jack despite constantly changing his username poured their hearts and souls into moulding UC into what it became.
So I want to give a huge thank you to them, the staff team and all others who joined me on the wonderfully wild ride that was Uniquecraft.
I hope all of you go on to have a great life.
Thank you and farewell, -Snappey
UC was sure one of the best servers I ever joined since 1.4.2, and I'm just sad to see it going away. I met a lot of friends here such as Kade, Dart, Fyre, Nova, Inepi, Wspeedy and many more. Sure, I could've been hated from most of the staff because I griefed the server 4 times, but still, I miss UC. Thanks to everyone I made friend on the server!
thanks for the memes, but the meme had to be put down. PSMYDISCORDMAYORMAYNOTBEPanny mardo #0707 I WILL ONLY ACCEPT FRIENDS I KNOW but seriously thanks for the memes. farwell uc :(
I can't believe it's official. It was a wild ride and I invested so much time in it that it really shaped my life. I can't thank you all enough for helping me grow and mature. Despite constant heartbreak and issue, I will never regret the time spent with all of you. I'm glad you took the time as well, to shape UC into a beautiful, funny, caring community. It really made me feel wanted, like I belonged. As much as it pains me to really move on, at one point I'm sure you all knew it would come. We saw its end near and dreaded every moment. I know a lot of drama went down during all of this, but it's okay. We can look back remembering every warm moment. The beautiful maps by Snaps, Jack, Rares and often Agent, the hilarious and heartwarming times on Factions, the money flaunted around on literally every server, the constant messing around on FreeOP, and of course, the most nostalgic place that is Plots. I loved sharing laughs with all of you, building pixel art with Yoods and admiring builds by Kole and Silenced. Roleplaying, despite the edgy, cringy, nature with all kinds of users (including 1ce at times) made my day. I'm sad to see it all go. I'll admit it was a pretty good run. Thank you, to all the staff. Trainer mod to Mot, you made it all run smoothly. That's all folks!
-Lina 2015-2017
As a member of UC for 4-5 years now (and one of the oldest members of the server) it's heartbreaking to see it just disappear. Thank you, Mot. Thank you for giving me the chance to make so many good friends, so many good enemies. It's been a rough trip, but I guess everyone now has to go their seperate ways other than small groups. I've been thinking about this all night and I'm seriously sad to see it go, despite everyone saying "auughh I HATE this server", its still something to remember and keep to our hearts. Well. guess that's all to say. Goodnight/goodbye everyone.
Oh, jeez... Well, the time has finally come. UC lived a long yet seemingly short life, and seeing it go after only being there for 2-3 years is just heartbreaking. UC had a lovely community with some very nice people. Most of these people I actually still talk to, and sometimes it just reminds me how UC changed me so much. I'm going to miss seeing Yoodle and Kole's fantastic pixel art, Lina's nickname popping up in chat, all the fun jokes and laughs I got from J and Gold, having to constantly stop Kris from fighting with someone, and many more I'll never forget. Thank you for these memories, everyone, and PLEASE contact me on Discord if you can (katli10#0946). Goodbye, and I wish you all the best with your lives!
-katli10 (2015-2017)
I'm sad to see that it's official that the Server is Gone, I've made many Friends such as Kade and Matteo, It was my Main Server. I made many Plots, I've made a Cringe RP (Sorry About That, As I joined and Created I was literally new to being Social), This Server helped me when I was Sad, When I was done with my Homework I'd come on this Server to Hangout with Others, I thought this Server would last a bit longer, But I guess good things come to an End at some Point. I had so many laughs and I learned what it was like to be Social, I also learned much more from the Server, My Typing Speeds are Much more Faster. This Server really helped me, I wish it would've lasted Longer, I liked spending time with Everyone on the Server. This Server helped me with Building, I was first Horrible at Building, Now I'm Standard. I came on this Server somewhere around November 2015, I came because I knew it was the Right Server for me. I turned from Cringy (You saw what I made) to now a Mature Person, I also might get a A+ inside my School for literally knowing everything below the Belt. (I learned that too from this Server.), I know this is quite a Long farewell, I will never forget this Server. And along with that, Thank you to the Staff, Mot, Raju, and all the Members of the Server. This is my Farewell, Goodbye Everyone. There is only one way to Contact me, You can contact me via Skype (The Flying Dart), Facebook (DartzGaming), Or Roblox (Also DartzGaming).
-Dartz (Nov 2015 - 2017)
UC was a server that was actually unique to me because no Minecraft server I saw at that point allowed for swearing. This made the server only a fifth of why I liked it. For example I liked talking and doing cringey roleplays I also had many friends on UC. Which include but not limited to. Dart,Kade,ExplosiveHeart.(TiqTaq and about 5000 other names he had) I have spent a lot of my time on this server and its sad to see it finally close. This is a loss greater than everyone is making Club Penguin out to be
I have been part of the Uniquecraft community since August in 2013, and I have always considered it as my home. I couldn't be more thankful to my fellow managers Alex and James, and to my great friend Mot who gave me the opportunity to manage the network. I will never forget my great friends I made on UC, such as Kroll (my bestie), Kristen, Kat, Jak, Lina, Nova, Kole, TeganKayl, ash, snake and many more! (Skype me if I missed any of you). It has been a pleasure, and I wish you all the best! (If you wish to stay in contact with me, my Skype is @CCoesSwag)
Uniquecraft was a great server and I had the best memories on there. Especially with Motty. He gave my life color and thats what made me happy and positive about everything. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for the server and us. He will always be in our hearts forever.. and he will always be my hero. Also, thanks to my friends who cared about me and loved me.. you guys were amazing and without you I wouldn’t have known how real friendship would feel like. The Staff members were awesome people and did their best to keep this server alive. I love you all so much and will never forget each and one of you. Thanks for this amazing time we spend together as a community. This life will never be forgotten.

All resources will be available on my website...