Hey Uniquecraftians!

I'm glad to say (finally) that we're bringing back Factions and improving the KitPvP server! We expect to add those servers to our network at 26th or 27th April. If some unexpected things happen then the release may be delayed. Both new servers will be managed by our new (old) managers: Tyben and Amazonite. Feel free to post all the suggestions you might have on forums! Enjoy!

New Uniquecraft Factions spawn New Uniquecraft KitPvP spawn.

Hey Uniquecraftians!

I would like to thank everyone for taking part in our March & April events! Congratulations to the winners as well and everyone who took part in the #FOOLRUNNER competition!

Minecraft schoolhouse

... become a Roadrunner!

Hey Uniquecraftians!

We announce you another fun event to take part in until the April 1st! This time it's not related to building, so you do not have to have any skills at that. This time, you have to make your own version of Roadrunner skin!

Motmahus is the best Roadrunner!

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