Hello again, So im gonna make this quick, some of you may have noticed that 1ceandFlame dissapeared... well he did'nt get fired or anything, he just resigned and the reason is personal so I will respect his privacy. And as you may know we have 2 new managers, AkumaMachiko which is the Technical Manager and StaticFrequency which is the community manager. Also i wanted to address if you see another uniquecraft... It's just a bunch of shady players. 

So lets go to the updates!

- I have now added WorldEdit to every rank in the game! including the default rank Artisan! But thing is I have set a limit of 6,000 blocks, and hopefully it does'nt get too out of hand.

- Second update, I will not give custom prefixes anymore, but who had there prefix before this is posted gets to keep theirs and even change it, and if you want  a custom prefix, you can buy one for $2.99. I will setup that soon.

- Third update you can now use Google Hangouts instead of skype if you wish to be a staff member, this is for the people who cant use skype, but you do have a option of using both. And also we won't be doing calls on skype or hangouts unless you want to do that, its fine.

- 4th and final update. I have created a group called "Trial" on the forums and in-game, so if you see someone with that, make sure you don't break the rules. Also if you have a company and wish to sponsor us then please contact me at If you are interested in that.

Thats it for now and if you have any questions email me at


Raju123X posted Sep 2, 16

Hello Uniquecraft, today I am going to announce that we will be updating a few things and adressing some stuff as well.

First off were going to update the voting site and put it back up. We are also going to be adding a donation poll, and no not for ranks. In this poll you can donate for plugins untill we reach the money we need for it, you can also give a donation to the server if you want. Adressing Freeop, Freeop will probably not be coming soon but we are planning on adding it, the reason being is that our machine doesnt support that yet. We are also taking in suggestions for servers.

If you have any questions please mail us at

We're Back!

1ceandFlame posted Aug 30, 16

Uniquecraft is back - and with a MASSIVE overhaul! Things are improving greatly on the server, and any difficulties should be resolved quite quickly!

We've made the following drastic changes:

- Completely shuffled the staff team - We have a founder, two BRAND NEW owners and a few moderators - we're recruiting!

- Started all over again with Plots to avoid the rage that two certain servers brought, but we're planning on adding all-new servers very soon!

- Refreshed the ban list completely - with a few permanent bans that were needed in place..

- Our server is as EULA-compliant as we can get it - the shop will be revamped soon!

- New ranks have come onto the server, and more are coming!

- From now on, custom prefix donations will contribute to a 'donation pool' with goals. Once we hit a goal, something new will happen for ALL players to enjoy!

- Players can apply for certain ranks via forum, and some via email.

The new UC Management:

1ceandFlame (1cey) - (retired)

Raju123x (Raju) -

Remember to stick around, watch us regrow and send us suggestions! Have fun playing!

- 1ceandFlame

Uniquecraft down???

Tyben posted Jul 2, 16

Hey Uniquecraftians,

You might have noticed that the Uniquecraft servers have been down for a good amount of time now, I can explain. Uniquecraft has been having issues with dedicated servers. UC will be coming back up ASAP. More news will be posted as the situation develops.